Sweaty fingers?

What do you guys do when your fingers get all sweaty? My hands seem to stay that way, and when I’m knitting, the yarn does not move well. I have found that sometimes baby lotions helps–sounds like it would make it worse, but I’ve got some cheapie lotion from one of the dollar stores and it’s like it closes off the pores or something.

Just wondering what your remedies were!

I have the same problem; as a result I cannot knit between May and October or so (or in overly heated rooms in the winter months). It’s good to know I’m not the only one out there.

My mom suggested smearing antiperspirant on my hands but I’m pretty positive she was joking :shrug:


What about baby powder? :shrug:

If her hands are as sweaty as mine, the powder will quickly turn into paste! :blush: There are a few things I have done to cope. See this thread for some suggestions.

I cant believe I missed that thread! I thought I was the only one with hyperhydrosis :oops: . I find acrylic yarn makes it worse.

I don’t get sweaty hands that often, but when I do, I just wash and dry them. Works like a charm.