Sweatshirt type sweater at 3 1/2 to the inch

I have just fallen heir to some Lorna’s Laces superwash :happydance: that knits up at 3 1/2 stitches to the inch. I have about 1100 yards. I want to make a sweater that resembles the Wallaby - Kangaroo pocket and hood - hopefully done on circulars. I’ve looked at knitting pattern central and through my own collection, but I’m not finding anything that seems to meet all my needs. Anyone got an idea???
thanks in advance for any help!

Karen W.

I don’t know if you wanted to buy the pattern but there is a small leaflet that you can buy. It’s called the wonderful wallaby and it makes a sweater exactly like you want on circulars. I’m not sure if the yarn you would want to use would work, but you could look into it. I know the leaflet gives you kids sizes right up to adult XXL I think :smiley:

Heres some for free http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kkctq-sweatshirt.html?noImages=


Julie - That 2nd link is perfect… I can use the pocket technique from the Wallaby to do the front pocket . The only thiing is that it’s not done on circulars… Anyone have some tiips on how to convert this to circulars??? :??

Karen W.

Maybe I should have read your first post a little better the first time. You were talking about the wonderful wallaby. :doh: :doh: :doh:

You’re looking for a free pattern, right?

This is a customizable to gauge type pattern for a top down on circulars raglan sweater (I couldn’t tell if the Wallaby had raglan sleeves or not), I’m sure the pocket could be added on later, I’m not skilled enough to know about adding on a hood.