Sweaters on knitting boards

I found a hand knitted hooded sweater for a two year old that I rally like. Is there a way of doing it on the knitting board and is there a formula that allows you to convert hand knitted patterns to the knitting board. I know you can convert crochet to knitting and knitting to crochet and I think it works the same way. I have tons of sweater patterns that I like but I find hand knitting so boring that I get half way through the sweater and I drop it for a while I do eventually finish it but I find the tention is different every time I pick it up. I like working with the knitting boards, so I am trying to find ways to knit sweaters and other items with it.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know what a knitting board is. :thinking:


ditto… :?? Do you mean a knitting machine? It’s kind of board-looking’ish… :thinking:

Last Sat. QVC had a craft day I was disappointed they didn’t show very many knitting items but they did have knitting boards. They showed how to use them and they seemed very simple. They had all kinds of things they made from them from sweaters to a double sided scarf… Here is where you can a see a picture of just of them.
Not much help but I take it can be done they even showed hats and booties… :smiley:
F10411 & F9703

Editing cause that didn’t work as a link if you go to www.qvc.com and punch in those item numbers they should come up :smiley:

OOOhhh … those… Kewl. I’ve seen in Michaels and always wondered about them. :thinking: Hmmm…tempting to explore. So who here has actually used one??? Do tell …