Sweaters From Camp: 38 Color-Patterned Designs from Meg S

Has anyone got this book or looked through it or have an opinion? I am getting into fair isle knitting and it looks interesting - but it’s so expensive! I have checked out the library, but they don’t have this one?

Any opinions?

I’ve looked at it, and there are some beautiful, traditional sweaters there.

I have this book and have made two sweaters from it. I’d have to say it’s one of my favorites. I love the way the charts are laid out–the colors are listed at the side so the charts themselves aren’t full of little symbols to remember.

All the patterns use 4 ply jumper weight wool, so the gauge is about 7 st per inch. The patterns are beautiful, and if you use the yarn they call for, the colors are breathtaking, though not super soft.

The patterns are written as if they assume the knitter knows quite a bit about steeking and such, but that info is available elsewhere if there is any confusion.

Thanks so much for the response. It sounds like a good book. I hope to get one ordered soon! (Well as soon as I save up the money!)

Try looking for it at Amazon used books–I’ve gotten some real bargains there.

This was one of two books highly recommended by Wendy Johnson on her knitting blog, Wendy Knits. The other one was Ann Feitelson’s book on Fair Isle knitting. I also recommend anything by Alice Starmore, though some of the books are outrageously expensive due to being out of print. I’ve gotten some from the library, though, so that was ok.

Check out Wendy’s site. It’s a good one, and she’s in the middle of a Fair Isle project right now.



The Feitelson book is also a good one. Made one out of there, too. :wink:

Thanks so much for the link. Wow, that is some amazing knitting on Wendy’s site! I have been checking Amazon for the Sweaters From Camp but still expensive on that site. I also will check out the other book by Ann Feitelson. I have checked out the only Starmore book from the library and it was amazing. I found out I could do library loans outside our library district, so I have requested to get the book but they don’t make any big promises on delivery but we’ll see!

Thanks for your help and suggestions!