Sweaters - armhole shaping!

I am a bit of a ninny. when I am making sweaters, i sometimes get confused when it comes to the armhole shaping. I follow the pattern when it says to do the bind off’s, but i just heard about a sloped bind off.

Should I follow the pattern as written or do a sloped bind off for the armhole shaping??

If you’re opting for sloped over stepping, you’re still doing the BOs (just not traditionally working that last stitch). IMO, sloped BOs are easier to seam and the elim of the stepping seems to give a nicer appearance to the arm/shoulder. Your other option, for even better shaping when it comes to the shoulders, is to do short rows which are even more facilitating come seaming time.


If you know a technique that works better for you than what the pattern has, use it. It’s YOUR sweater. I always do short row shaping and 3-needle bind off for shoulders–you just can’t beat that seam.:shrug: