SweaterBabe Pattern #115 - Problems

Hi, knitters,

Has anyone encountered a problem with this pattern, “Romantic Lace Beret”? I checked a page of errata put out by SweaterBabe, but there was nothing that addresses my particular issue. I keep ending up with four extra stitches in Row 7 of the lace pattern. As my knitting instructor said long ago, “This is where you lose your religion.” :wall: Just thought someone out there may have some insight.



How many stitches do you have at the beginning of the row and what does the row say to do?

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Don’t post the whole pattern, but it would help if you told us how many stitches you are starting with on that row and then type out just that one row.

Merigold and Jan,

Bless you a thousand times for replying!

In typing out the 4 RS rnds so that you could help me figure out what the blazes I’ve been doing wrong, it hit me at long last:

The k3-into-3 instruction throughout the previous 3 RS rnds [B]suddenly changes to k3-into-1[/B] in rnd 7. DUH! I truly had not noticed, so accustomed was I by that time to the k3-into-3.

Eureka! I feel like shouting it from the rooftops! :woot:

Genuflections–I love this site and this forum, whose helpful videos have taught me so many new techniques.

Mary from Maryland

Many times when explaining a problem to someone, the answer is right there. Great for figuring it out yourself!!