I’m making a sweater for my husband for Christmas. I’m starting early because I’m a slow knitter and he knows about it- so I’m telling him I gave up- and I’ll knit it when he’s asleep!
Anyway, I just need some clarification…
The pattern is written in smallest size with larger sizes in brackets.
k2 (P2, k3) 0 ( 1-2-3) times(s)
Im making it sz large so the 2 is the number I need to follow,BUT does that mean 2 times more or 2 times altogether? I assume it means more but I’m not sure. Please Help!
Pattern is Cabled Crew neck fom Patons - I got it from Knitworks

It’s k2 (P2, k3) 2 times, total. So, k2, P2, k3, P2, k3. We’re all in on the conspiracy now. Good looking sweater.

ok- so now I need to increse 10 on my second row. So 1 every 15 stitches? How does this factor into my already knitted stitches (right now I’m doing k2 p2 rib) So adding 10 evenly across- I thought I should just kfb to add them - but then doesnt that interrupt my already established rib pattern? I’m just a little confused- although I have knit a lot, it is for the intermediate knitter and really I would only classify myself as an advanced beginner):knitting:

You’re going to be switching pattern after this row from the k2p2 rib to the cable patterns. I would space the increases approximately evenly across the row but I like to put them all in the k2 portion of the rib. It may not matter but that’s what I like to do. On the next row, you’ll be changing pattern anyway.

How’s row 2 written? Better yet - do you have a link to the pattern? Or just write out a couple of rows and we can get you going on this.

Its ok- sometimes I have to “do” to figure it out and it turned out ok so thanks!

Right, a lot of times if you just follow the pattern with your yarn and needles it works out a lot easier than trying to figure it out in your head.