I am teaching myself to knit . and I am having troubles with reading the pattern with help from here i am at this point in the pattern I started off doing the back and then the shaping of the armholes. and shaped shoulders.
/ \ looks something like that …lol
l l
l l

Now it is saying Front
work from toas given for back,beg armhole shaping on same row of stripe pat as back.

then it goes into shape neck
Am i starting over. or con from where i left off?
thanks for all the help

It sounds like you just finished the back. Did it have you bind off after you finished the shoulder shaping? Or possibly put the stitches on holders?

When it says Front, that is where you begin making the front of the sweater. It sounds like you are making a pullover and the front and the back are the same up to the armholes. You follow the same instructions as for the back beginning where they have a ** and work it as the back to where you encounter the second set of **, then you begin to work the front differently. The front neck shaping will be very different than what you did in back.

oh my it dose say holder. i must of read it a hundered times and missed it everytime lol. makes seance now… thanks . now i know what ** meant thanks again