I am very stumped on a sweater pattern I am doing. Its a childs sweater:knitting: . I have the body done and I am ready to make the front bands and neckband. Here is where I am having the problem. It sounds like they want you to work it all in one piece. It says to pick up and knit 78 sts along right front, 1 st in top corner st, 58 sts around neck edge, 1 st in top corner and 78 sts along left front. Mark corner sts and right edge for 5 buttonholes, evenly spaced.Work in dtr for 1/2" , inc. 1 st each side of marked corner sts eor. Does this mean its all worked as one all on one needle? Your help is greatly appreciated:happydance: .

Please link to the pattern and give us the name of it if at all possible. It helps us answer correctly.

It does sound like they want you to do it all in one piece. Many patterns are like that and it looks very nice. You’ll need a long circular needle to do that because all those stitches wouldn’t fit on straight needles if that’s what you’re using.

Here is the link. I thought that maybe it needed a circular needle but in the materials needed it never mentioned it. Its the Child’s Berry Cardigan http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?cat_id=366.

Thanks for the link. Okay, you will need a circular needle for that. If you don’t have one I think you’ll want like a 40" one. If the sweater is very small a 32 might be fine.

Cute sweater!

Thank you so much. I thought that it might be but I have never made one like that. I will get circular needles tomorrow.

Hello Kitty 59e, I have recently acquired this pattern. However I’m not sure which type of yarn to use - acrylic, wool, cotton etc. Please can you tell me what you used? As I live in the UK I can’t get the yarn recommended on the pattern so need to know the British equivalent. Hope you can help.

Use a yarn that’s a similar weight that will get the same gauge, can be any fiber.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know what yarn has actually been used on the pattern as this will make a difference as to how the garment hangs?

That is an adorable sweater!

I wasn’t able to find anyone who’s made it. It uses a US sport weight which would be quivalent to a 6 ply weight in the UK. I’m sure you could use any fiber and it would come out fine.