I want to make a sweater. Preferably a cardigan. I want to make one but I have this fear of making one. My concern is fitting. I’m not concerned with stitch technique. Should my first sweater be a pullover or a cardigan? I like the textured cotton chennile sweater and the Gretta Cardigan found on this site. Are they good first time sweaters?
I’m bigger through the hips and smaller through the bust. How do I determine size?

You might want to check out the cardigan on knitty.com called sit com chic. It is not fitted so size is not so crucial I think. It fastens only in one place which again makes size not so crucial. There are several pieces on ravelry and people really seem to like the pattern – some have even made the sweater several times. Most of it is pretty plain but there is some yoke detail to keep it interesting. I have plans to start it soon myself.