Here is the sweater I just finished. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft. The pattern is a variation of one from this book
Knitting Sweaters from the top down
It is done top down, in the round. No seams! :cheering:
Thanks for looking.
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That looks great! :cheering:

That looks like a really neat sweater for summer! How much yarn did you need?

It’s beautiful and looks great on you. Congratulations :cheering:

Very nice! I like that color choice too, and the knitting looks very “crisp”.

Good job!

Thanks everyone.

Cando - It took almost 2 skeins, so about 700 yards. I bought 3, I thought it would take more.

That’s great! I was wondering about that book! Do you like it?

That looks great! Good job, and isn’t it nice to not have to seam?!

Great job & beautiful color!

Jan - I do like the book. I have found a few mistakes and it is definitely not for new knitters. But it is a good resource for seam-free sweaters.

Thanks for fixing my link. How do you do that?

I love your sweater. And the color is beautiful. Congrats!

:muah: :cheering: What a beautiful sweater!!! great job!!