Sweater Worn by Sandra Bullock

Has anyone seen “The Lake House” with Sandra Bullock?? I saw it with the sister this weekend and she fell in love with a sweater that Sandra Bullock was wearing. If you seen the movie it’s the sweater that is cream in color and has bell sleeves if I remember correctly it’s long and has these big and long buttons I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s gorgeous and I’d love to make it for my sister. If anyone knows what I’m talking about and know of a pattern that is simillar to it please let me know.

I found a pic of the sweater but it’s not the full length of it.


Here is the movie trailer and there’s some scenes of her in it by the mailbox:



Oh my…it’s GORGEOUS!! I’m sure someone will be knocking it off soon…hope so :thumbsup:

I’m not sure about the sweater but I KNOW I want to see the movie.


after looking at the hi-res picture a few times and the trailer a couple of times, it looks like a cardigan with intertwining cables on each front panel. the button rows are picked up along the whole edge and then knitted. i can’t get an idea of how the hood is made, but the cardigan’s length is definetly down to her hips with the same ribbing that is around the cuffs. i’m not sure about stitch gauge or anything, but if i were to just guess, i’d say worsted on size 12 or 13 needles might make it. hope that helps

You know its weird how I look at movies and shows and all I can think of is how can I make that sweater/scarf/cardi/toque…Try watching Coronation Street sometime. The amount of knit sweaters on that show is amazing. Whether they are handknit or not I have no idea but I sure get a lot ideas from it.

Now if only my knitting capabilities were up to par…and lets not even mention that the biggest pattern I’ve created is a dishcloth snort :lol:

the one show i’ve seen with lots of knitted sweaters is Hex, on the BBC. every episode the main character has atleast 2 new knitted sweaters. some time i’d like to try actually duplicating a sweater from tv just to see if i can. it’s like forging the mona lisa just to see if anyone would buy it. :devil:

I too can’t wait to see the movie. I love a good love story. I’ll keep my eyes open for the sweater too. :smiley:

Good morning!
I love that sweater! Every time I watch the movie I promise myself to find out if anyone else cares! If they have what would Miss Marple knit or what would Jane Austen wear…why can’t we have Sandra Bullock’s sweaters! LOVE the movie! I will continue to do some research on the sweater…will update you…

I just watched a trailer for that movie and I LLLOOOVVVEEE that sweater too!!! Wouldn’t it be GREAT if someone published a book with a title like, “Patterns for Sweaters Worn in Movies & TV Shows”??? I know I’d buy it!!

One can only dreammmmm!!!

Those living all over the British Kingdom are big knitters and I wouldn’t be surprised if sweaters on tv shows there were handknit. I have a friend who knits shawls and she lives in Edinburgh. She makes the most beautiful things you have ever seen.

I have also requested the “Lake House” movie at our local library, so I can get a chance to see that sweater more clearly!!!


There is a knitting blog that looks at movie sweaters and comes up with patterns that are close to the original. You might suggest the sweater from Lake House and see what happens. There are certainly lots of fans of the movie and the sweater.

I loved the Glass House so much I bought it. Watch it about once a year, usually with a different friend each time. Fun!

There is a similar sweater on Ravelry - Global Cable Coat by Jennifer Hagan.