Sweater with vertical pockets

I am making my first sweater and it calls for vertical pockets. It’s a Maddy Laine Pick A Pocket 129. I have finished the pocket lining and now need to pick up the 28 stitiches from the stitch holder. My problem is, every time I pick them up, the stitches look fine at first but further up the front the stitches look very loose. The further I get the worse it looks. It becomes an obvious sore spot. How do I pick up these stitches and still have a nice and tight looking junction?
:hair: Joanie

I’m not sure what you can do. All I can think of is to put the stitches on a smaller needle than you are using when you take them off the holder so that they don’t get stretched out. But if they are already stretched out I don’t know what to say. You could try knitting with a smaller needle but that may create different issues. Sometimes you knit something in the back loop to get rid of looseness, but that would twist all the stitches and I don’t know that that would be acceptable in this case.

I just had another idea. If the stitches on the holder are stretched out, maybe you could take a row or two out and reknit them handling them more carefully this time. Just an idea. I don’t know how practical it is in your situation.