Sweater with repeating panels

Hello everyone, please help me with this pattern if you can. This sweater pattern has 2 cable panels to create the cable designs and panel A has 28 rows while panel B has 12 rows. In row 1 it says use row 1 in panel A and row one in panel B. In row 2 it says use row 2 in each panel; row 3 says use row 3 in each panel. After row 4 saying use row 4 in each panel it says to continue in pattern. Does this mean after panel B runs out of rows after row 12 I should use row 1 of panel B with row 13 of panel A until panel A runs out at row 28 and start back at row 1 for panel A and just keep rotating like this? I really appreciate any help I can get.

Yes, you have it exactly right. Keep separate track of the 2 panels and start back at row 1 after you finish each one.

Thanks for your help. This much cabling is fun but also makes me feel like Iā€™m tying my brain in knots! :blush::blush: