Sweater with Felted/Fulled Yoke

While in Canada last week, I saw a GOR-GEOUS cardi - it was plain stockinette, with an i-cord bordered felted yoke. The yoke then had flowers and leaves embroidered on. I have felted in the past, and have just finished my first me-sized sweater (The Nantucket Jacket, IK Fall 2007). I feel that I am up to the task, but wanted to ask for ideas on felting a portion of the sweater.

Does anyone have any advice on how to procede?

Thank you!!!

I’ve never done this or even seen one, but the only way I can think to felt only part would be to do that part separately. Maybe a provisional cast on with a non felting yarn and the same with the edge you remove your needles from would held keep the stitches in place while it felts so you can pick them up and continue… :think: