Sweater to be taken apart

:shrug: I have spent a long time knitting myself a sweater.I am going to take it apart and do a different pattern.The one I did was a cowl neck and it just didnt hang right, even after knitting it 3 times…Have any of you ever done this.I spent 90 bucks on yarn and hate to waste it… :oops:

Yep. The first cardigan I knit for myself, I didn’t like it. I took it apart, made a V-neck pullover. Turned out too small. It hung in my closet for a while until we had a Salvation Army pick-up one day and I threw it in the bag. It wasn’t $90 worth though, maybe $40.

No point in wasting good yarn! Hope you find a pattern that you love.

I’ll rip out any yarn I like and redo it/make something else if I’m not satisfied with the finished item. Makes perfect yarn sense to me!

I’ll redo, and redo, sometimes in several patterns until I like it or it fits. Even with cheapie yarn that I only paid $10 for…


Yes, I don’t see the point in knitting something that you’ll never wear. Even if the yarn has to be put aside for a while (and it doesn’t have to be $90 worth either) I’ll use it for something.



:teehee: The sweater is now in balls and I am looking for a another pattern. :happydance: I love the yarn , so I will enjoy re-knitting it…

After my mother retired, she spent a lot of time knitting aran and nordic style sweaters. She was constantly frogging completed sweaters because she didn’t think they were “right.” At the time, I thought she was crazy and had a perfection obsession. Now that I’ve gotten back into knitting, all that frogging seems perfectly logical to me.

And some people, like myself, and much more ‘process knitters’ than ‘product knitters’. For me, I enjoy the process so much more that if I rip something back, it doesn’t hur too much because i get to knit it again!! :happydance:

Oh, yeah. I knit a cardigan that never fit right. The sleeves were too short, the button band was awful, the body was just funky. So, first, I tried blocking it to get it right. Still hated it, but loved the yarn. So, I finally frogged it. I bought some coordinating yarns and I’m going to make Meg Swanson’s Aspen Leaf pullover out of the frogged yarn. That’s next on my list after I finish a slip stich cardigan, which may be a while. Whatever possesed me to make a sweater out of fingering weight yarn?!!!