Sweater sleeves on dpn's

The point I’m at now is on the sleeves of my sweater. I had to switch to dpn’s since I didn’t have enough sts. for the round needles any longer. I’m decreasing every 5th round. k1, ssk, knit to 3 sts. of marker and then k2tog, k1.
My question is… since I’m decreasing on a couple of the needles only, I’m getting less sts. on two needles and the same amount on one of them. Is it ok to transfer some sts. to the other needle so it’s a bit more balanced? Will that mess up the decreases at all?? I didn’t think so since I’d still be decreasing at the marker but I don’t know.

Yes, you can move the stitches around, just so you don’t mess with the ones involved in the decreases. It won’t hurt a thing. But I’ll also say that I have noticed that it also seems to work with dpns to have one needle with only a few stitches, you just need the multiple needles to go around the corner so to speak and even a few stitches will do the trick. But if you’d like, you can move them. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. :slight_smile:

You can rearrange sts wherever you want. And as you dec more, you may want to leave out one needle, and only work with 3 or 4.