Sweater sleeve

need help wth a pattern.it saids…work 8 rows of stripe pattern AT THE SAME TIME, increase 1st.each side every 4th row (6 times) and every 6th row twice…if im doing the stripe pattern 8 times where do i increase
6 times?

You increase every 4th row 6 times, then every 6th row twice at each side of those rows. The stripe pattern is just changing colors, right? So you do each 8 rows in the stripes, but also do the increases whenever it’s the row to do them on.


so at the beginning of the 4th row i increase 6 times at the beginning and 6 times at the end of row?

No, on the 4th row, increase 1 stitch at the beginning and 1 stitch at the end, then knit 3 rows without increases and do another increase row. Do that again until you’ve done an increas row 6 times. Then knit 5 rows and on the 6th row, do another increase row, knit 5 rows, do an increase on the next row.