Sweater sleeve question

I am knitting my first sweater and am not sure about the instructions. This is how they read:

increase 2 stitches on each edge every other row ( 8 ) times more and every 4th row (24) times. Continue in pat. on (122) sts to approximately 23".

Does this mean I should inc. 2 stitches on each edge every other row 8 times. Then inc. 2 stitches every 4th row for 24 times? Or should I do the increases simultaneously (every other row and every fourth row)??

Thanks for your help!!

Does this mean I should inc. 2 stitches on each edge every other row 8 times. Then inc. 2 stitches every 4th row for 24 times?

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I was searching thru the forum for a similar question. I saw an answer to my question … thanks so much for your quick response. This is a great forum!!

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This is my first sweater also. The sweater pattern is 20 stitches across plus 1 st and 20 rows plus 1 row. It’s a nice diamondish pattern. I’m beginning my sleeves and have a question. Here are the directions for my point of confusion:

On fifth row and every subsequent fourth row, inc 1 st each edge in St st 25 times. Work even in patt on 101 sts until 6 vertical repeats plus 1 row have been completed and sleeve measures 21 3/4".

I understand I’m going to begin adding 1 stitch to each edge first at the fifth row then on every 4th row.

I worked out the math with an excel spreadsheet. All the numbers match and I feel confident about the placement of my increases. My concern is what it is going to do to my pattern.

When the sleeve began I was directed to knit 5 stitches on each end of 2 horizontal patt repeats. This means I already have 5 plain stitches at each end. When I add the increases, I’m going to end up with 50 plus the original 10 of plain stitches. This doesn’t make sense to me. Am I missing something? When I sew it together, I will have nothing but plain stitches under my arm and this just seems strange to me.

Thank you so much for your guidance. I’m really hoping to finish this sweater by the 16th as my classes start back on the 17th and I won’t have time. I’m really looking forward to wearing my project!


Some sweater designs have a plain edge around the pattern. It will give you a plain band up the center since you’ll be doing your increases inside this band. It does make for easier seaming.

I’m not sure quite what your question is, though.

I didn’t think it made sense for my pattern to not be included on the inside of the arm. Since this is my first sweater and only my 3rd project I wanted to ask if this made sense to others. It seems like you’ve answered my question. The smooth edge is only on the sides of the arms though and not on the sides of the front or back of the sweater. This still seems odd to me but I will press on now that I have confirmation of what I’m reading.

Thanks very much!