Sweater shaping bungle - any hope?!

I finally got up the courage to make an item of clothing (I tend to make toys and things where gauge doesn’t matter!) and started a baby cardigan. Just when I was thinking it was a lot easier than I expected I realized I’ve made a probably-fatal error way back in the beginning and probably need to frog the whole dang thing. So please help if you think it can be saved!
I knit the 5 individual pieces (back, sleeves, and L and R front) and then they were joined to knit the yoke. I’m now doing the button plackets and have realized that somehow I screwed up the arm shaping on the front panels - it looks like I effectively have 2 left fronts so the right side shapes on the button side instead of the sleeve side. So approximately halfway up edge where the buttons would go it takes a jog in before continuing up to the neck. ARGH!! Is there anything I can do to even out this edge so that won’t look horrendous?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

That’s so frustrating when you’ve gotten so far. For myself, I’d just bite the bullet and take it out. You’ll only have to take out the yoke and one of the fronts, not both. Somehow, reknitting the single piece seems to go much faster the second time and before you know it you’ll be back to the yoke. Luckily, it’s a small size and not too much to re-do.

You won’t have to re knit the entire sweater, just the one front and only from the shaping up. So undo the yoke, put the other pieces on holders, rip out the wrong front to where you bound off for the underarms and do it on the other edge. So that won’t take very long at all and you’ll be back to where you are now. If the ‘wrong’ piece is the one with the buttonholes, redo the other one, most people don’t notice which side the buttons are on anyway.

When you’ve got this sweater done, don’t be discouraged, do another! I find that if I work both front pieces or sleeves at the same time, I have less chance of a catastrophic failure and I’m so good at them, I do all I can to prevent them. Don’t worry about how to do both pieces at the same time now, when you get there and need to know, just ask.