Sweater seaming

Hi everyone. Another seaming question about my sweater. I have to seam the sleeves, as they were knit flat. So… I use mattress stitch, correct? And which method would you recommend for putting the sleeves on the armholes? Here is a page I found: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATspr06TT.html Which of those is the best way to do sleeves?

I think the most attractive way to seam the sleeves to the sweater would be to use the mattress stitch. That’s what I do with my sweaters. It’s an easy seam, the lease bulky of your options, and looks the nicest.

I agree. Mattress all the way.

For sewing the sleeve to the sweater use the one they call “Invisible Vertical to Horizontal Seam”. Don’t worry about getting it exactly like they say for the adjusting to make the sleeve fit the spot it goes. Keep the idea they have, but you have quite a bit of leeway in the way it works. Sewing knitting is pretty forgiving.

If your sleeve needs some easing just try to spread out the ease over the whole seam, don’t do it go along merrily to the last 1 1/2" and decide you have to fudge an inch to get it to fit. Spread it out. You may need to do it more than once to get what you like. (I’ve done that lots of times) But it doesn’t hurt anything to do it over, just pull your stitches out gently and all will be well. Practice makes perfect. :slight_smile: You’ll do fine.