Sweater sadness

I am almost finished with the sleeves(knitting both at the same time) of the sweater I started a year ago. I had just been congratulating myself on what a great job I was doing, when lo and behold, there’s a hole several rows back!!! It doesn’t seem like a dropped stitch hole as there is no lonely stitch hanging there, and I have the right number of stitches on the needles. I think it is in a purl row that I had to frog because I spaced out and was knitting instead. I keep looking at it, trying to decide if I can live with it, fix it later, or try to rip out several rows and hope for the best ( ripping rows doesn’t turn out well for me!!). What did I do, and how do I fix it? I can’t believe that after millions of mind-numbing rows of perfect stitches, I screwed up right at the finish line! Sally

I hate when that happens!!

What I’ve done for the mysterious hole is to kind of sew it closed if it’s not noticeable. I put a strand of yarn through the stitches on each side and tie them closed. In the long run, you might notice it because we always notice the flaws in our knitting first, but I doubt anyone else will.

Any ideas about what I did wrong so I can avoid it in the future? It looks like I made a mini buttonhole!

It’s hard to say what caused it. It could be that you knit into the stitch below accidentally.:think:

It’s been my experience that non-knitters think that everything we knit is great. I use the technique Ingrid mentioned about tying the stitches on either side together, it’s not very noticeable if you get the tension about the same as the knitting.

How about a little embroidery, or a patch? That you could repeat in a few places so it’s not so obvious you’re hiding something…
Otherwise, if you’re as anal as me, leave it in the cupboard (what’s another year!) until you have that huge energy burst to undo it all and restart again!
Good luck in finding the right solution

Only several rows back? You could undo it… really it’s only about, what, 3 percent of all the work you’ll do on the jumper total. You could duplicate stitch in the proper path of the wool… or you could use perfectly-matched sewing thread and sharp needle to sew it closed from the back…

If it looks like a little buttonhole you may have accidentally put a yarnover in that spot. Happens to everyone.

Since it’s stable and not unraveling, I’d go with everybody’s advice to sew or tie the hole closed.

If you mimic the movement of the adjoining stitches (as in duplicate stitching) it will be really, truly unnoticeable. Also: don’t pull the sewing tight; try to keep it at the same tension as your knitting to avoid a pucker.