Sweater question

I am still working on the sweater for my little stuffed bear. I finished knitting the front and the back pieces of the sweater. I have 2 questions.

  1. This is what the pattern says next:

Join shoulder and neckband seams, reversing seams on st st section of neckband.

I am inexperienced with joining seams…what do they mean by reversing seams on st st section? The neck has 2 rows of rib and then 3 rows of st st.

  1. So then I will have the sweater joined at neck and shoulders, open along the sides. Next the pattern reads:

With right side facing, k up 25 sts between markers. work 12 rows in st st.

I have never picked up stitches before and just can’t picture how this becomes sleeves. Do you pick up 12 stitches from the front work piece and then 13 from the back?! I doubt this is right but I really don’t have a clue where to start! And “between markers”…The pattern only called for putting markers and the beginning and end of one row on the front piece and one row on the back piece. So it makes sense to match up these markers, but I don’t understand how you pick up stitches between them.

Thanks so much!!

I believe that you reverse the seams on the collar so the shoulder seams are inside the sweater and the collar seam is under the collar.

Amy has video on picking up stitches. You’ll pick up 12 stitches between those markers and that will be the top of the sleeve. You probably won’t need to pick up on every stitch, so just pick up 6 between the first marker and the shoulder, and 6 after.

Thanks! I get it now with the collar - I don’t want to see the seam on the outside when it rolls over. And I think I can do the picking up stitches now.

Thanks for taking the time to help this new knitter!