Sweater problem

I bought a book and am attempting to make my first sweater but I already have a problem. It says CO 73 sts. The first row directions are to [p1, k1 tbl] 12 times, k25, [k1 tbl. p1] 12 times. Which I did but that only equals 49 stitches. So what am I supposed to do with the extra stitches I cast on? Very confused. Thanks for your help.


When I add it up in my head, I get 73 stitches. What I’m wondering is–for the (P1, K1 tbl) 12 times parts, did you do both stitches 12 times? In other words, did you P1 then k1 tbl, then p1 then k1 tbl for a total of 12 times? If you did, you should get 24 stitchs for the first 12 times, plus the k25 plus 24 stitches for the second 12 times which adds up to 73.

Hope that make sense!

That does make sense. Typical of me to not read it right, ha. I thought it only mean twelve individual stiches, not twelve sets of two! Thank you very much.

You’re quite welcome. I made that mistake more than once when I was first learning to read patterns. :slight_smile:

When a pattern has stitches inside a () or [] followed by X times, you do everything that’s in the parentheses or brackets that number of times.