Sweater pocket help!

Sigh. Tried to figure this out on my own but no luck. I’m knitting the “Lace Collared Cardigan” by Patons and am up to the pockets. The instructions say:

Pat 17 st across. Slip next 25 st onto st holder. Pat across 25 sts from pocket st holder. Pat to end of row. Cont in pat until work from beg measures blah blah.

Ok, I did the 17 st in pattern, slipped the 25 st but am kind of clueless about how to knit across from the st holder. Do I use the point from the stitch holder to knit with, but keep the sts on the holder? Would that be kind of like knitting through the back loop but leaving the st on the holder? I don’t want to attempt anything myself and end up having to frog it.

There are instructions to make pocket linings and keep them on a st holder until later on and “sew in pocket lining in position on WS”.

You slip the next 25sts to scrap yarn or a holder. Then use the stitch holder with the pocket lining on it as the left hand needle. Your working yarn is coming off the right hand needle now so you can just knit as usual. You don’t have to knit through the back loop here. The pocket lining sts will be replacing the 25sts that are on the scrap yarn. When you’ve knit all the sts off the holder, continue knitting the remainder of the sts on the original left hand needle.

Is this your pattern? http://www.patonsyarns.com/pattern.php?PID=4468 Very nice sweater. It would be helpful if they pointed out that you are to use the stitches you’d done earlier at this point.

Wow,they didn’t mention that at all in the pattern! How the heck was I supposed to figure that out? Thanks for the help:hug: