Sweater pattern

Does anyone have a simple pattern for a sweater? I prefer one knitted in the round. I’ve only been knitting for about 4 months–so it’s got to be very simple.



There are tons of free patterns here to go through. I’m pretty sure there’s a variety of difficulty levels.

Thanks Ingrid–I’ll look through this and see if there’s anything I’d like to try–I want a simple cardigan sweater–maybe I can find it here.


It’s not going to be possible to knit a ‘simple’ cardigan in the round. When you knit a sweater in the round, it’s all one piece, all the way around. To make a cardigan truly in the round, you need extra ‘steek’ stitches which you would cut later. Not a good project for a first sweater.

You can make a cardigan where the back and two sides are knit as one piece to avoid seaming and then split for the sleeves.

I think for now, I’ll “scratch” the idea of the sweater and knit something more simple–don’t think I’m ready for that now. Thanks anyway.