Sweater Pattern with Horses

I found this sweater and was wondering if anyone has ever seen a pattern for something similar to it. If you could help me out that would be great!


OMG! My DD would have kittens over that sweater!! I’ve never seen a pattern, but you could try to chart one.

The sweater itself would be a simple cardigan. That is just too sweet. Thanks for posting that!

Was the back plain? And does that tag really say $82?

$82? I’m in the wrong business!

I agree, with a basic kid’s pattern and some graph paper, you could make that pretty easily, since the intarsia part is pretty simple.

Yes it was about $80 that’s why I wanted to make it!!! I dont’ remember what the back looked like. I might put some of the fence on the back or maybe just make it plain. Once I get the current projects finished I might start on learning how to make a pattern and attempt making this one. I just fell in love with it. They had it in several different colors too.