Sweater pattern with cabling on front and on increases on raglan sleeves

I don’t think I’m using the correct terminology so hopefully I’m making enough sense to get across what I mean. Thanks for any and all help.

I have this baby sweater pattern, Sunnyside, and like that the cabling is done on the front and on the raglan(?) sleeves. But I’m having a terrible time with M1R and M1L. I know how to M1R and M1L but I much prefer k1fb when I knit sweaters – I think it looks better. I can’t figure out how to substitute k1fb for the make ones in this pattern.

So, all this is leading up to my question, does anyone have a pattern for a baby sweater that has cabling down the front and along the raglan part of the sleeves? I can’t find any. Or, does anyone know how to substitute k1fb for the make ones in this pattern? Thanks.

I always have to write out the row with highlighter on the increases and a different color on the markers. When you do that you can see that the cables have an increase and a k1 on either side (inc, [U]k1[/U], cable, [U]k1[/U], inc).
This looks like it’ll be easier after the first increase row. On the first row, you’ll have to use the k1 before and after the cable (underlined above) for the kfb. After that you’ll be able to do the kfb one stitch before the marker or one stitch after the marker as given in row 3.

Sweet little cardigan.

I tried a search on Ravelry but wasn’t sure if you wanted to specify top down or something else: