Sweater Pattern - Sleeves

I have a question on directions for a sweater sleeves. I have been ok up to this point. This is my first sweater.

Directions: Work 8 rows of Stripe Pattern. AT SAME TIME, increase 1 st each side every 4th row 6(10, 11, 11) times and every 6th (0,0, 2nd) row twice - 38 (42, 46, 50) sts.

I don’t understand the "every 6th (0, 0, 2nd) row twice"
Doesn’t make any sense to me. Any help is appreciated. I’m a beginner, so I need simple explainations…:slight_smile:

For the smallest size you will increase every 6th row twice (so on row 6 and 12), for the largest size you will increase every 2nd row twice (rows 2 and 4) and for the middle 2 sizes you won’t do any further increases.

ok, good think that I’m doing one of the middle sizes…that makes it easier…
I’m guessing that when you said, “increase twice”, you are saying I would increase 2 sts at the beginning and end of those rows.

Thanks for your help. I was truely stumped.

No, increase twice every 6th row means increase on the 6th row, then the 6th row after that.

Thanks! good thing I clarified that, I would have had a really funny looking sleeve :slight_smile: