Sweater Pattern Question

I am doing the sweater #232 on this site http://knittingpureandsimple.com/kids.html.
The beginning of the pattern is forming the neckline. The first thing you do is cast on, knit (with some increases) then purl. You continue this until you get to a specific number of increased stitches. That part I understand. The next thing it says is to cast on stitches then it says, "next row, knit (with increases) then the next row, purl. The question is on the row you cast more stitches onto. I am positive you purl a row before you knit another row. Would this be correct?


I can’t link to the pattern.

If you cast on at the end of the purl row, you’d knit the next row, starting with the newly cast on stitches.

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Thank you Norman!

Since you have it in your hands, and I only have a picture thanks to the sneaky geek, I’d say do whatever will work. It won’t make a difference in the final result, I don’t think.