Sweater Pattern Question

Hi, I was looking at this cardigan from berroco and had a few questions:

I took a look at the pattern, and noticed that there is no armhole shaping for the two front pieces of the cardigan. Can that be right?

Also, for the guage check, it says : 18-1/2 sts = 4"; 13 rows = 2" in Open Rib Granite St with size 7 needles.

I just want to make sure that they are suggesting that I do a guage swatch in the Open Rib Granite St, and that’s when I check to see if I’m getting the 18-1/2 stitches, or simply if I get 2 inches for the 13 rows in Open Rib Granite St.

Thanks for any help!

For the two front pieces it says to shape armhole in the same manner as you did for the back piece.

Also, the entire gauge swatch is based on the open rib granite stitch, not just the rows/inch.

Hope that helps.

Thank you knitqueen! I read through the whole pattern, and didn’t even see that! I guess next time I’ll read it through twice!