Sweater pattern question

pattern is “child’s placket-neck pullover” from last minute knitted gifts

it asks after finishing knitting from bottom up in the round up to arm hole area

“on the next rnd, k4, place the last 8 sts worked on a stitch holder, removing the marker for end of rnd from the middle of these sts, k42 and place last 8 stitches on holder, k41 to end for front. leave sts on circ and set aside”

this is probably a simple thing. i am new to knitting and this is my first sweater. i have never known anyone to knit and have learned from you guys and amy’s videos only. the problem i have is this

when i place stitches on holder, and am asked to k42, the yarn with which to knit is actually on the holder, not the circ. is this ok?

and what do i use for a holder exactly? i was using a spare circ.

Children’s Placket Sweater pattern in entirety in pdf file for any confusion i may bring, seeing the priginal may hyelp

Using a spare circ is fine for a holder, as long as it’s not going to slip off accidentally. There are actually stitch holders you can buy that look like very large safety pins, or you can use a length of waste yarn that you thread through the stitches with a tapestry needle. Any of the above work.

As for the next part of your question, yes it is fine if the working yarn is coming from the first (last? depending which way you’re looking at it) stitch on the holder, that is fine. The stitch it is attached to currently will still be on ‘hold’ and you’ll be good to go.

woohoo! im proceeding as soon as i finish this post.

gracias! :muah: :muah: