Sweater pattern misunderstanding?

I am currently working on the 12 line pattern for the back. I don’t understand the first set of even lines (2,4,6).

[I]Rows 2, 4 and 6: (front) lift the thread you carried across the first of the 2 stitches you lifted off onto the left needle and, including this thread knit 1 in the back of the stitch then lift the thread you carried across on to the needle again and including this thread knit one normally, purl 2, repeat to end[/I]

The last 2 stitches of 1 were slipped, so the yarn starts off behind the work and 2 stitches from the end, so I read this as bring the yarn over the front and knit into the back of the loop?

Then I don’t understand the increasing during the body. Doesn’t that throw off the pattern if I am adding 1 stitch every 4cm? And where does the 162 come from?

All help will be appreciated.


The yarn that is carried in front becomes part of a kind of horizontal smocking as I read it. On the even rows, the working strand should be at the back. Sneak the tip of the right needle under the loop formed in front of the slipped sts on the previous row. Knit the stitch tbl but before you slip the stitch off the left needle, flip that loop over the right needle so that it gets caught in the stitch. Do the same with the next stitch, but this stitch is a usual knit stitch.
As you increase at the sides it may be best to keep the new sts as stockinette until you have enough for a full repeat.
The increases are at [I]a[/I] edge so the count is 136+10+6+10.

Would you please edit you original post to remove the lower portion with the pattern quote? We run into copyright problems when large portions of patterns are reprinted here. Your link to the pattern is great and very helpful.

Just checking my ability to read pattern:

During the casting off at 33cm I need to cast off 7, then 3 x 3 (why list as once then twice more?), then 1 more, for a total of 17 off each side?

[I]At 33cm total length start casting off for the arm hole. First 7 then 3 then 3x 2 then 1.[/I]

And if I read that right then there are a total of 34 stitches being cast off, which does not leave an uneven total…

[I]At 51cm total length cast off for the shoulders This is going to be a little uneven as there is an odd number of stitches to cast off. Cast off 5 on each side 4x (the last cast off on one side will only be 4). Cast off the remaining 50.

At 33cm total length start casting off for the arm hole. First 7 then 3 then 3x 2 then 1.
Cast off 7, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1 (17sts)

I can’t get the numbers for the shoulder cast off to make sense. You have 162sts, cast off 34sts total for the 2 armholes (128 sts left). Cast off 19sts at each shoulder or 38 sts total (90 sts left not 50sts). I’d measure the shoulders and bind off whatever is needed to give a reasonable shoulder width.

There’s an email address at the bottom of the pattern for questions. It might be worth getting a clarification on this point. Something similar comes up on the front as well.

I did email her with my original question and she never responded. That is actually how I found this website and forum, since I couldn’t decipher the earlier pattern piece.