Sweater Pattern Lost!

Help! I started a sweater for ds, put it down, found it again and lost the pattern! (It was a small slip of paper) It’s a simple pattern. I am almost finished with the back and I am just wondering how to shape the neck in the front. OK. Here is where I am at: worsted yarn with #8 needles. 2 colors with six rows for each color. 96 st for back. I plan on making it 22 in long. I figure the front can be knit the same as the back with a bit of neck shaping. I need help with figuring out the neck shaping and starting the sleeves. ( I figure I will just measure them to my own) Oh, the bottom of the sweater has two stripes of garter. I remember picking the pattern b/c it was so simple. There is no special armhole shaping and I was going to add a crochet around the neck to finish it off. My son is 11 and approx 5’ tall. Thanks to anybody who can help!:muah:

Oh dear, I hate that - losing the pattern!

I can’t help much as I’m not much of a sweater knitter. Can you look around the web for a sweater pattern using your needle size and in your son’s size and sort of compare to your sweater and see how they shape for the arm holes and neck edge.

Hey – I am in a similar boat. Or at least I was. I crazily started a sweater where the pattern said you could knit in the round without any seams. Could not find the pattern again later so save my life. So, I went to the local yarn store and they helped me find a pattern that would be okay to use to finish out my son’s sweater with. I ended up getting Patons Classics Our Guys (955) pattern book. I am following the zip neck saddle shoulder pattern.

Looking at that pattern now, it only goes as high up as 21" long. The men’s version is between 26" & 28.5" in length.

I would do 7 1/2 inches to start for the bottom of the sleeve. Handle the cuffs (first few rows) with at least 1/2 of ribbing maybe. Then repeat your body pattern (if any) in the sleeves. Increase 1 stitch on either end every 4th row until you are at the point where you want to join the sleeve to the body of the sweater. About 15" in length.

The decrease down happens more rapidly. Cast off 3 stitches at the beginning of the first 2 rows of dec. Then decrease down one stitch at each end (actually the next to the last stitch at each) for every row for 20 rows. That will take you to the top of the shoulder. I am not sure you want to do the saddle shoulder at the top. If you do, I will give you more info on how to do that piece too. It’s simple enough but it does not quite count as easy as you will have to consider your gauge, other finished pieces of the sweater and work closely to get it right.

Someone else might have a more straight forward solution.