Sweater pattern help!

i’m knitting my first sweater…i am shaping the back neck and shoulders & am stuck! the pattern says:

next row (rs) cast off 5 sts, patt until there are 7 sts on right needle and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder. work each side of neck separately.
cast off 3 sts at beg of next row
cast off rem 4 sts
with rs facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, cast off center 27 sts, patt tto end
complete to match first side, reversing shapings.

i have the 7 stitches but…what to do next??? i put the other stitches on a holder
but it says to turn so are the stitches on the left side?? i’m not quite sure i know what to do…& what does it mean to work each side of neck separately?

thanks for your help!!

You’re dividing to work shaping on one side of the neck, then you’ll do the other. The stitches you put on a holder will be on the right after you turn and you’ll work on the 7 stitches… You’ll BO 3 stitches on that row, then turn and BO the last 4 stitches. Now, with the stitches that are on the holder on the left side, take an end of yarn (leave about 3 inches to weave in later) and BO 27 stiches, and work in your pattern to the end of the row. Turn, BO 5 sts, work 7 stitches in pattern (that should be all you have on your needles at that point) and turn again. BO 3 stitches, then the last 4. now you’re done.


thanks so much…i decided to try to figure it out myself … oops!! i wish i would have waited because you explained it so easily. :doh: javascript:emoticon(’:doh:’)

it doesn’t look awful though & i’m quite proud i finished the back of the tunic sweater…now i just have to do the front left & right sides!!
i’m sure you’ll see me posting more questions.
this site is so amazing - everybody answers so quickly & makes it really easy.
i’m happy to be a knitter.

happy new year!