Sweater pattern finding help

… but wait, i do have some info, and pictures.

i saw this book at joann’s today but wasn’t willing to pay full price for one pattern.

ravelry has other books/patterns listed by this publishing group (“go crafty!,” which is part of “vogue knitting,” which is the flagship of “soho publishing”). but, i can’t find the individual patterns for sale anywhere, only the full book.

it’s called “real knits for real men: 24 warm and wearable looks, etc.” the one i want is on the cover.

any ideas? many thanks, in advance! :wink:

I hate it when that happens. I will stand by that book/pamphlet rack for a LONG time checking the ratio of “how many patterns I want to make vs how much the book costs”.

Wish I could help with the pattern. Guess I 'm just sympathizing!!!


thanks for the sympathy :wink: i really did stand there and hem-n-haw it quite a while… if i change my mind and want to buy it, my joann’s has like 5 copies on display. i went looking on ravelry, and other sources, for something similar, but none grabbed my attention, yet. the search continues! :wink:

How much is the bloody book? Use a coupon and get it discounted or something. JoAnn is supposed to be having a big sale for President’s Day so maybe you can get it at a really good price. Indulge yourself on this one, methinks. You’re doing a lot for others, take care of you too!

it’s like you’re metaphorically smacking the back of my head here… :wink:

I DID NOT use a 2x4!

Seriously, you’re the caregiver type of person, that’s pretty easy to see. Sometimes we need reminding that we can have something we want.

I looked at JoAnn online (I loathe that site but do sometimes look) and couldn’t find the book there. I was hoping to see it on sale and you could use a coupon and… well, no luck. Sorry.

yeah, no luck at joann’s online. also no luck at hobby lobby’s or michaels’ websites… it’s odd how few of their books are listed online, but available in the store(s)… fine, twist my arm… i’m going back sometime this weekend (sunday morning?) with my mom to help her buy more fabric for quilts of valor. i’ll use a 40% off coupon and let myself have the sweater pattern i like. :wink:

Good for you, X. I want to see the finished product you know. Aren’t you glad all help/encouragement/enabling here is so no-strings-attached? :rofl: