Sweater pattern - elegant

I am looking for an elegant ladies sweater pattern. I’ve never knit anything for myself and i see so many gorgours sweaters otu there I would love to make something nice. I’d appreciate any patterns you can show me.


I’ve no idea if this is your idea of elegant, but these are the ones that came to my mind:

Grecian Plait

They’re not free, but they’re beautiful:


The Fall 05 issue of interweave has a GORGEOUS raglan ribbed turtleneck sweater, VERY elegant IMHO.

thank you guys so much, those sweaters are beautiful!!!

Hildegard_von_Knittin what is the link to that so i can check them out? do you know it?

thank you guys so much!

What do you think of this sweater? I just started to make it. :happydance:

Very pretty!

I had never seen this web site before…I just love the site…great patterns and very interesting designs.

Thanks for the link to this site.