Sweater pattern decrease shaping confusion

Hi All,

I am knitting my first sweater, and I am having trouble figuring out exactly where the waist shaping decrease should go.

The pattern says to cast on your stitches an pm for the start of the round and then work twisted rib pattern for two inches. Then switch to larger needles and in the next round:

K4, work in wildflower knot stich pattern for the next 80 sts, k4, pm, K to end.

Continue to work the centre 80 sets on the front in the stich pattern and the rest of the body in stockinette. (You may want to place extra markers on either side of the front pattern stitches). Work until piece measures 3" from cast on edge.

The waist shaping is where I run intotrouble!

Dec round:
(K2tog, work to 2 sets before marker, ssk) twice.
Work 9 rounds.
Repeat last 10 rounds twice more.

So does that mean that in the first two sts I K2tog, then I knit the next two, begin the wildflower knot pattern, and then knit two, and then ssk on one side of the marker, and then K2tog on the other side of the marker? That would mean another ssk right before the end of the round. Is that correct?

Thank you so much, from a new knitter :slight_smile:


Welcome to KH!
Yes, that’s it exactly. Enjoy knitting the sweater and post a photo when you finish if you’d like. We’d love to see it.