Sweater no 11

Hi all I am having a problem with sweater no 11 it says on the pattern (back) when you have finished the armhole increases and have 122 sts break of yarn and leave stitches on holder. Then it says pick up stitches on left shoulder with short tail.what does this mean? If anyone has knitted this can you help please

Maybe this pattern?

I’m not sure what the “short tail” is but it looks like you just need to pick up sts at the left shoulder and work the neck shaping . Then go back and pick up sts on the right shoulder, shape the neck and finally join left and right sides to work across the front.

See the first photo in this project.

Thank you It’s what I would have thought but I was thinking I was missing something. Going to try it anyway I’m sure it will work out
Thanks for the help

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