Sweater newbie needs short row help!

Hi everyone, new to the forums, first-time poster here.

I’m knitting my first sweater, and it’s knitted all in one piece, sideways, from cuff to cuff. I’ve done fine up til now, as it’s time to begin the shoulder shaping. Here’s what the pattern says:

“The shoulders are shaped with short rows. Begin with the 40 center stiches (place markers at the edges). Work only these stitches for two rows.”

I understand short rows, and I’ve watched some videos on this site (thanks!) on wrapping and turning. The only thing is, those 40 center stitches have 86 stitches on either side of them. I don’t wrap all of those, right? How do I get to those center stitches?

Many thanks in advance.

Welcome to KH. You’re going to have to work from the beginning of the row to the center 40 sts. Is your pattern online so you can post a link to it, or what’s it called so maybe we can find it.

This is it. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum!
Interesting pattern. You can really customize it to the shape you’d like. I agree with GG, purl on a right side row to the center 40sts, place a marker and then continue to purl the 40sts, turn and place another marker. The designer says that she doesn’t do a wrap & turn because it gives her a bulky stitch but my experience is that you get a hole without some kind of w&t.

Oh, wow, I read the comments on the pattern when I first started but for some reason it didn’t occur to me to look last night! She pretty much answers my question for someone else, doesn’t she?

I thank you both heartily for your advice and not pointing out my oversight!