Sweater neckline question

Hi everyone,
I will be starting my husbands crewneck sweater soon and have a neckband question.
I was looking at some of his boughten sweaters and decided I really liked the look of the double band on most of them. It just seems more finished then the single bands on most patterns.
Is there a trick to making the band double or can I just lenthen the neckband and fold it over and stitch it down? Will that work with 100% wool yarn knitted in a mid weight worsted? I think the pattern calls for size 8 needles.

Short answer: it can be done. I have an old Reader’s Digest book of needle arts that I picked up for a buck and it shows how, I have misplaced the book. I don’t know how without instructions, and to me they were confusing but I wasn’t trying to work them through which makes a difference.

I googled [I]knitting facings[/I] and there’s a lot to sift through but you might find something useful.

Good luck and if you find some good info, please let us know!

I like this neckband too and it works well iwith worsted weight yarn. You can continue the neckband as you suggest, in the rib pattern and then fold it over, bind off and use a long tail of yarn to stitch the band to the inside.
If you don’t like the rounded edge that this gives, you can purl a row across the ribbing which will form a fold and then continue with the neckband. This also works if you find the ribbed facing too bulky. After the purl row, continue in stockinette for the facing. It’s not quite as stretchy but it works.

Thanks for the info. I thought it could be done, just wasn’t sure how to do it and have the finished look I wanted.
Will keep you up to date on the progress of the sweater.