Sweater neckline help!

I need some help with a small issue with my sweater necklines. When I get to the pattern part where I bind off for the neckline, where I join the second ball so that I can knit both sides at the same time to make the shoulders, I seem to always have a hole/gap between the stitch where ball 1 is and the stitch where I have joined the second ball for the other shoulder. I always have to try and go back and somehow repair it, which I do, but I would like to know what it is that I could possibly be doing wrong so I can change it and wouldn’t have this problem. Thanks! I am only about 8 rows from having to start the neckline and shoulder decreases on the current sweater I am knitting.

The last stitch of ball 1, and the first stitch of ball 2 are only attached to another stitch on one side so there [I]will[/I] be a bit of a gap there. You can use the tail yarn of the second ball to try to tighten up that gap, but I imagine you’ll be doing some kind of neckline finishing, maybe picking up stitches around or whatever, and that will likely solve the problem in the end.

Well, I guess I am glad that what I am doing isn’t wrong and that what I end up doing when I pick up the stitches for the neckline finishing is correct. I have made several sweaters and always had this happen and thought maybe I should ask if I am doing something wrong when I attach. Since basically you said what I do, I guess it is just the way it happens! Thank you!