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Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting and I’m currently working on Wool and The Gang’s ‘Amanda sweater’. I’ve been working the back of the sweater and have got to a part where I have to shape the shoulders and neckline, but I’m having trouble working out what to do. This is what the step says:

(There are 34 stitches on the needle at this point)
Decrease row: Starting with a knit stitch, work 11 stitches in moss stitch. Cast off 12 stitches. Starting with a knit stitch, work in moss stitch for 10 stitches.
Starting with a purl stitch work 11 stitches in moss stitch, turn your work.
You will ow be working across half of your stitches to shape the neckline. You’ll come back to the other stitches later.
Starting with a purl stitch work 11 stitches in moss stitch.

If anyone could decipher this or explain how to do this I’d appreciate it! Many thanks.


I think there is a typo in the numbers, either in the pattern or when you typed the post, I believe the 10 should read as 11 as it makes more sense that way.

On this row you work 11 stitches from your left needle onto your right needle, these stitches will be left unworked for while, you can either leave them on the needle or put them on a stitch holder (you would wait until after the next row before transferring them to a holder as you can’t access them until you turn your work and work back).
The next 12 stitches are cast off or bound off, these are the neck space. Later in your pattern you might find an instruction to come back to this to add a neck band but for now these stitches are bound off and left alone.
This leaves 11 stitches on the left needle. These you work to the end of the row (that’s the part which says 10 but it’s 11).
On your right needle you end up with

11 stitches worked… 12 bound off … 11 stitches worked

The 2 lots of 11 are the pieces a bit like straps, which work up towards the shoulder. You will work one side up first and come to the other side later.
When you turn your work you will have 11 stitches to work. Once you have done these you reach the bound off stitches and the remaining 11 at this point if you want to slip them onto a holder you can. Otherwise it’s ok to just leave them there, turn your work and just focus on the 11 you are working.

I hope this helps you work out what’s happening. Do ask if you need more help or it’s not clear.

Nicely explained, Creations.

The pattern is counting the one stitch left over after the cast off of 12 as the 11th stitch on that shoulder. So cast off 12, work the next 10 for a total of 11sts on the shoulder.


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Ah of course. That’s the extra stitch.

Sorry if I caused a confusion over that stitch

Thank you