Sweater my Grandma made

She’s so proud of it, so I thought I would share it with everyone.
She is going blind and can’t drive anymore, but she still made this all by hand.

That’s beautiful! Good for her!

Wow, that is amazing–a beautiful sweater. linknit41

Grandma does some beautiful work! You are right to be proud of her.

Beautiful sweater. It’s nice to see she can still do darned good work :cheering:

OMG…Hug it,love it…cherish it…How I wish I had my grandma…and my neighbor:heart: :heart:

Wow!!! That’s incredible!! She’s awesome!

It’s gorgeous!

It is a wonderful sweater! Great design! Love it!

having low vision certainly hasn’t handicapped her knitting!! she must be a pro at keeping count in her head! the stars all landed perfectly in the center of the diamonds, etc. WOW!

What a beautiful sweater!! What a talented grandmother!!! :cheering:

How pretty!

Your grandmother still has what it takes! That is a beautiful sweater. Tell her a lot of fellow knitters around the world have looked at her sweater and think it is great. I love the shape, how it comes to a vee in the front with the ribbing and the other design.

I know even totally blind people knit. It must require a lot of paying attention. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s really beautiful-your Grandmother is very talented!

That is super beautiful!! :inlove: WIsh my grandmother was still with us but she gave me the impetus to knit so I guess she really still is. (Big smile with small tear.)

Wow I aspire to knit something as beautiful as that!
One of the people who inspired me to knit was a lady I saw here on our news who had just had her sight restored after 30 years and she was in hospital knitting on tiny needles and at great speed. I thought ‘if she can do it, so can I’.

How gorgeous! What a talent.

Thanks for the wonderful compliments! She was all smiles when I told her everyone loved it. If anyone wants the pattern, its one that she invented,so I can type it up and send it to you. :grphug: