Sweater measurements

I’m gearing up to start the CPH (Central Park Hoodie) and want to know how to determine my size. Is the bust measurement the actual inches around my bust, or is it my bra size? Sorry to be so dense, but this is my first “real” sweater, and I want it to be right.:aww:

You might want to check out some of the fab articles on knittingdaily.com about how to select a pattern size and determine fit. They have wonderful galleries of several women trying on the same patt and comments on how to adjust for body shape.

You might want to start here Make sure to read ‘About Positive Ease, Negative Ease, and Those Pesky Measurements.’


The finished size is what goes around your bust at it’s largest. Your bra size is smaller. The best way to determine it is to take a garment that’s a similar style and measure it.