Sweater Like This (Giant Baby Sweater)

Anyone know where I could find a sweater pattern for an adult like this?

I know she says what she did, however I’m not sure what size that is for, and since I’m a bit on the plus size (ok, more than a bit), I’d need to increase it anyways.

But, I think this is the most adorable sweater I’ve ever seen and would love to make one.

That’s a great sweater, I like it too. I think you could follow the instructions Jenny posted, but use larger needles like 11s or maybe 13s with bulky yarn. You’d get about 3 sts per inch, maybe less (2.5-2.75) which should enlarge it quite a bit.

Oh my I love that sweater too!! Its just beautiful.:woot:

That’s the February Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmernan’s Knitter’s Almanac. I think you could use a thicker yarn, and larger needles, and make it bigger than the Big Baby Sweater. Don’t see why not! You’ll need to swatch, of course, to see if it will work out. Good luck! It’s a great idea!

Great…that’s one of the EZ books that I have. :woohoo:You’d never know from the picture in her book how pretty that sweater actually is. :oo:There is a LOT to be said for colored photos. The black and white photos in her books…just don’t do the items justice. I do know they are older books. Too bad they can’t find a way to add some color.:think: