Sweater lapel confusion

I am new to this forum and pretty new to knitting. I have a pattern with a chart that shows how to do the flower design and what looks like decreases. Everything looks great, my knitting matches the chart stitch for stitch, but at the end it says to knit the remaining rows toward the shoulder and gives the original number of stitches…as if those decreases never took place. I don’t understand… The book is Vintage Knits p. 11/12 - upper left front. Can anyone help? I could try and put the picture in if that would help. Thanks

Welcome, Celeste1!
Can you give us the name of the pattern, please?

It looks like most or all of the designs are on Ravelry:

The name of the pattern is Laurent by Sharon Peake

I found it on ravelery. Thanks - I can’t seem to paste it in here

There! Got it!

Lovely sweater.
It sounds like a mistake. You can add up the decreases and check your stitch count but you shouldn’t come out with the original numbers. I don’t see it mentioned as a mistake on Ravelry but it may just have been ignored. You could check and see if the stitch count for the shoulders at front and back agree but I’d go with the number you have after the decreases.

It looks like everything makes sense and that it is a typo. No comment to that effect anywhere, though. Thanks for your vote of confidence.

Big UhOh! Here,
I have always read the instructions in consecutive order, it seems these are meant to be carried out simultaneously. I have no idea how to do that. And there is no explanation to that effect - a heads up would have been helpful. So I have to somehow do the chart/ pattern, the front slope decreases, and the armhole shaping at the same time. I had 2 out of 3! I still don’t understand the numbers given though, they add up even less now. I am clearly out of my depth.

I find it easiest to write out a small table with the row numbers and the decreases for the front and armholes. Then I check the rows off as I go. If there’s space, you may even be able to note the shaping next to the chart row.
These simultaneous directions are a good reason for reading or at least skimming through the pattern first. Some designers include “AT the SAME TIME” in caps to alert you but others are more subtle (too subtle, in fact).

Thank you. I shall try the writing out method with the right side. If that works i will tackle the unravelling…
I want to wear this sweater!