Sweater Knitting

Cannot figure out how to attatch the sleeves to a sweater


Iv never knitted a sweater. Any one know of a video that could help me or give me detailed instuctions?? Im a self taught knitter and cant figure this part out. Help pretty please!!! Thanks!!



''While keeping the edge decreases, attach the sleeve to the body as follows:
[I][COLOR=teal]Knit on the body until you reach the stitches placed on hold, take the sleeve, and making sure the held stitches of the sleeve are in front of the held body stitches, place a marker, and start knitting the sleeve stitches with your working yarn, thus joining the sleeve to the body, at the end of the sleeve place a marker, and continue knitting to the second set of held stitches.[/COLOR][/I] ‘’

this sounds like you knit the body stitches you have on your needles, then you knit right across the stitches you have for the sleeves which are currently on a holder. Do this by pretending they are not a separate peie and are just more stitches on your needle so dont break the yarn or anything. You can knit right off the holder or you can move them onto a needle first if that is easier for you. then knit the rest of the body stitches from wherever they are. You are placing a marker between the first set of body stitches ( the ones on your needles now) and the start of the sleeve stitches.