Sweater knitting question.. Please help!

The sweater I am knitting is the first one I’ve ever done… So far so good! But the only problem is, I don’t know ONE thing! Blech! Anyway!!

The pattern is the Green Mountain Spinnery Easy Raglan sweater. It’s knit the the round. My only question is… I’ve done the y/o’s to increase for the sleeves and now it says “in the next round, divide sleeve sts from body sts as follows: k seam st, k across front”

How do you knit seam stitch? That’s all I need to know!! I hope someone can help me! :wink:

Thanks a ton!!!:aww::aww:

Do you have a picture of this pattern? I’d love to help but haven’t done one before and would like to make one, too. Mary

The seam stitch isn’t a stitch, it’s a stitch that’s on the seam (if there was a seam). Do you have a stitch between the yo incs? That would be it.