Sweater into a pillow?

Does anyone have a pattern for me to turn a sweater into a pillow?

It is a knitted sweater vest…It was my grandmother’s who passed 3 1/2 yrs ago. I have just looked at it for the first time and I want it close to me. She practically raised me. So, a pillow sounds like a great idea where I might not have to cut the vest.

Thanks everyone!!


My mum made one for me when I was a kid and all she did was sew up the armholes and the bottom of the sweater. Then she took an old collar shirt of mine and sewed it inside the neckline of the vest. She stuffed it (or maybe used a pillow form?) and then sewed the neck of the shirt closed.

I once made a sweater for my mother that was too small. This was before I paid attention to gauge. She just sewed up the sides and put a pillow form in it.

I’ve done this with my daughters flannel shirts…memory pillows I call them & they are GREAT…

Best of luck, should be simple, like stated above, just sew up the arms & maybe used a fabric to sew inside the neckline.


Thank you all so very much!!!

I was just thinking this same thing! I have the back of a cardigan (Starsky :oops: ) that I know I am not going to finish but I HATE to rip out all that cabling I worked so hard on. Hopefully I can figure out some way to turn it into a pillow.